Why do DVD players in Europe spin the other way?

Answer LG glasses are passive polarizing glasses so they should be very cheap. Active glasses, as used by most other manufacturers are somewhat more expensive but prices for active glasses are falling rap... Read More »

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Can players send money to other players on Howrse?

Howrse has two ways to send money--called equus--to other players. First, you can sell a horse to another player using the auctions; you need at least 10 days of registration and positive karma. Th... Read More »

Is blu ray better than other DVD players?

BluRay is the name of a high definition DVD player, developed by Sony. The alternative is HDDVD released by Toshiba at around the same time. In terms of image quality, there is little to choose bet... Read More »

How to Convert iTunes to Play on Other MP3 Players?

When you download a song from the iTunes music store, depending on the specific song you've chosen typically the content will be delivered to you in a format that will only be playable using iTunes... Read More »

Can iTunes songs be played on other mp3 players?

MP3 players can play iTunes songs, according to Apple Support. Sometimes, users must convert iTunes purchases into MP3s, which requires no additional software and takes only a few clicks to complet... Read More »