Why asians do better on mathematics The b.b.c. had a piece discussing a connection between rice farming and math. scores and Asians.?

Answer I normally do not respond to culture type questions, as it is more of a cultural philosophy question than technical. But, brillant mathematicians appear the world over. It has to start early. Dedic... Read More »

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Do you look up to those asians who totally dislike other asians and are white washed?

When you squint your eyes you can see better. Why?

It is all related to a phenomenon called depth of focus. The larger an aperature (optical opening of a lens) the shorter the depth of focus. The smaller an aperature, the larger the depth of focu... Read More »

Why do people squint their eyes?

"I do it to see better"thats why everyone else does it, too."but by making the area of sight smaller wouldn't that make you see worse?"no. its called the "pinhole effect". smaller aperture = bett... Read More »

Why is it that when you squint your eyes you can see clearer?

When light travels through a lense that bends light it is bent the most at the edges. It is bent the least toward the middle. There is one tiny ray of light that is unchanged and travels straight. ... Read More »