Why asians do better on mathematics The b.b.c. had a piece discussing a connection between rice farming and math. scores and Asians.?

Answer I normally do not respond to culture type questions, as it is more of a cultural philosophy question than technical. But, brillant mathematicians appear the world over. It has to start early. Dedic... Read More »

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Do you look up to those asians who totally dislike other asians and are white washed?

Why don't asians have acne?

Asians eat rice with what?

None of the Asians I've ever met eat rice with noodles or spaghetti!!! And I live in Japan, so I've got lots of Asian people around me - not just Japanese, either!Maybe your maid just loves rice so... Read More »

(non-asians) can you eat with chopsticks?

it;s really fun. plus, for weight obsessed people :) , you get to eat sooo much slowly that you eventually get satiated ... and the meal is more enjoyable that way.