Is tabea a girl or boys name?

Answer This question assumes as true something that is not true, that a man's sisters-in-law are always in competition for his attention. That may be the case in some instances but is by far not usually t... Read More »

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Can someone name a band with one girl and all boys?

D'arcy Wretzky from smashing pumpkins.SHES A BASSISTsooo ya... ^^ shes awesome BTW

What was the name of the cartoon kids program with three siblings two boys one girl the girl had purple hair and she was a witch her brothers were wizards and they had a magic talking spell book?

Sounds like "UBOS - Ultimate Book of Spells", from about 2002 or so.

Name a person in their life who many young boys have a crush on?

What is your favourite name girls and boys name?