Why do Alternative Med quacks hate science?

Answer Einstein, have you even thought about what you've written? I rather think you've failed your own argument.You do realise that you are attacking the people rather than the argument with that nonsen... Read More »

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I'm a guy and I hate my deodorant. Is baby powder a safe alternative or dangerous?

I dont know if it can cause cancer, but you shouldn't use it as deoderent, cuz if you inhale it, thats bad. Just buy a new deoderent.

Science Projects for Alternative Energy?

Alternative energy sources include wind, water, solar and geothermal. Science fair projects should be specific to one type of alternative energy to prevent the project from being too general. Alter... Read More »

Alternative Assessment Science Activities?

Alternative assessment is a method of gauging student performance outside of traditional question-and-answer testing. In science classes, lab performance, projects, multimedia presentations, case s... Read More »

Science Experiments on Alternative Energy?

Alternative energy is a fascinating and dynamic field. It is also an important field because as the world's fossil fuel supply continues to dwindle, alternative energy sources are becoming more and... Read More »