Why do Africans wear tribal masks?

Answer According to the Rebirth Africa website, the origins of the African mask have been lost in history. The masks of different tribes are worn during ceremonies, initiations and other ceremonies.TypesM... Read More »

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Why do Africans wear masks?

Masks are the personification of spirits which play an important sacred role in many tribal cultures. African tribal cultures have had a particularly rich mask tradition for centuries.HistoryHist... Read More »

Why do people wear tribal masks?

For centuries, tribal masks have played an important role in village life. From entertainment value to symbolic plays to voodoo rituals, elaborate masks remain central to many cultures.Around the W... Read More »

Who wears tribal masks?

Aboriginal peoples from around the world, including Africa, Asia and the Americas, have worn tribal masks throughout history. They often represent some form of religious or ceremonial significance,... Read More »

Why did people wear African masks?

In Africa the wearing of masks holds both social and religious significance. Masks are worn for a variety of reasons from the time an African is a child until their death.MythSome masks were carved... Read More »