Why do African people use drums?

Answer Drums are used throughout Africa during celebrations and ceremonies. Drums can be played with the hands or with sticks to produce a variety of sounds. The combination of sounds make various rhythms... Read More »

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How are african drums used?

The African drum or djembe is a hollow goblet-shaped instrument designed to be played with your hands. The top of the djembe is covered with a skin and attached with strings that hold it in place.... Read More »

How to Play African Drums?

Do you want to play African Drums like a pro? Just Follow these steps.

Types of Ancient African Drums?

One of the most ancient of musical instruments is the drum. Almost all cultures have used drums in some form or other. Drums in African culture are used to signify various rites and rituals and are... Read More »

How to Make African Talking Drums?

Talking drums are small hourglass-shaped drums that originated in West Africa. The drummer places the talking drum under one of his armpits and secures it with a short strap that goes over the shou... Read More »