Why do African people use drums?

Answer Drums are used throughout Africa during celebrations and ceremonies. Drums can be played with the hands or with sticks to produce a variety of sounds. The combination of sounds make various rhythms... Read More »

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How are african drums used?

The African drum or djembe is a hollow goblet-shaped instrument designed to be played with your hands. The top of the djembe is covered with a skin and attached with strings that hold it in place.... Read More »

How to Play African Drums?

Do you want to play African Drums like a pro? Just Follow these steps.

Facts About African Tribal Drums?

In Africa, the drum is a means to communicate across distances, and also a vital part in religious and community rituals. Each tribe displays its own drumming styles as well as its own traditional ... Read More »

How to Make African Talking Drums?

Talking drums are small hourglass-shaped drums that originated in West Africa. The drummer places the talking drum under one of his armpits and secures it with a short strap that goes over the shou... Read More »