Why do AV amps have video inputs when 'all' they do is work with sound?

Answer Convenience, it is an Audio Visual amp. It just allows you to have one point to connect all of your devices for sound and video and then one output to the TV. It allows you to switch sources quic... Read More »

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Why would my surround sound work with certain inputs?

Your system may not have the interoperability to connect to those components. Are you using a stereo? It may be time to upgrade to a better receiver and speakers. Based on what you say you have I w... Read More »

How to Set Up Sound Systems for Churches With Only 12 Inputs?

Church audio is always challenging. But the degree of difficulty rises when your need for inputs grows faster than the number of inputs on your sound board. The ideal solution is to upgrade your so... Read More »

What is the best combo of volts to amps to kill pernicious weeds like thistles with a cattle prod type device as a 50k taser doesn't work due to ultra low amps?

Volts and amps are linked by a mathematical principle known as Ohm's law. Ohm's law states that V=IR where V is voltage, I is current (amps) and R is resistance. In general, biological systems are ... Read More »

When recording Audio for Video using both the mic inputs, does the video file come with two Audio tracks?

If both mic inputs are used and the recording is stereo, then you get left and right tracks. If you are using the current version of FCP X, then you need to double click on the single audio track a... Read More »