Why do AC central air unit coils freeze?

Answer A central air conditioning unit can keep your home at a comfortable temperature on the hottest days. However, systems such as these can develop problems that lead to the formation of ice on the coi... Read More »

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How to Clean the Coils on an Air Conditioner Unit?

Clean coils on air-conditioning units -- whether they are window units, heat pumps or central air conditioners with an outdoor condenser -- can keep your energy costs down. Condensers use coolant i... Read More »

What is wrong when my central air unit fan continues to run even when the unit is off?

I'm assuming that you have it in heating mode and that it is a gas fired furnace. There is a fan that exhausts combustion air out of the combustion chamber. It runs for a few minutes after the bu... Read More »

How To Buy a Central AC Unit?

Buying a central air conditioning unit will allow your house or place of business to be a comfortable environment in which to live or work. Central AC units with a good energy efficiency rating can... Read More »

How do I add Freon to a central air unit?

Choose the Right RefrigerantConsult the central air unit's manual to determine the refrigerant that is compatible with the unit.Prepare to Add FreonPut on protective gloves and goggles as Freon is ... Read More »