Why do 1996 silver eagles coins tarnish more?

Answer The "Liberty Walking" Silver Eagle is composed of 1 troy ounce of 99.9% pure silver. The composition of the coin makes it more susceptible to tarnishing than other coins of that era. Additionally, ... Read More »

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How do I remove tarnish from silver coins?

SoakingSoak the silver coins in a container of vinegar, lemon juice, acetone-based polish remover, rubbing alcohol or ammonia. Any of these solutions should effectively remove tarnish. Let the coin... Read More »

Does nickel silver tarnish?

Nickel silver will tarnish over time with exposure to air. Its tarnish is black and can be removed with a soft polish cloth. Nickel silver has no silver in it, but rather is an alloy of copper, nic... Read More »

Why does sterling silver tarnish?

Sterling silver tarnishes whenever it comes into contact with any substance containing sulfur--for example, mustard, eggs or rubber. However, most silver tarnish is the result of a chemical reactio... Read More »

How to Remove Tarnish From Silver?

Silver items are often passed down as heirlooms and given as wedding or anniversary gifts. Silver tarnishes over time due to sulfur-containing substances in the air. You do not have to purchase cos... Read More »