Why didn't the iPad 3g come out with the wifi?

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Need help with my iPad. So I got the WiFi plus 3g iPad. Then 3 days later someone cut r WiFi cord.I never got a chance 2 put my iPad 2 use the 3g.and I need WiFi 2 b able 2 do tat. Is there another wa?

Go to Best buy and get another wifi cord for like 40$ not that much money

Does the ipad 2 come with wifi in it so you can go on facebook straight away?

If you're starting off, get a MacBook Air. If you just want something for light tasks, get the iPad or iPhone. If you are into heavy computing, go for the MacBook Pro.

Can the iPad 3g WiFi still receive 3G signal wearing a regular iPad WiFi cases or protection?

How to Turn a Wifi iPad to 3G iPad With MF60?

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