Why did you join Facebook?

Answer i kept getting emails from all my msn contacts and in the end just gave in.

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Why can anyone join Facebook now?

Facebook's success will depend upon having a very large client base. The idea is to push advertising at them as the revenue stream. Thus it is necessary to suck in every body they can to inflate ... Read More »

Should i join facebook?

I would chose not to join Face Book. Yes, so many people join, but I really would rather prefer not to. I think sometimes if you blog, you will lose your privacy. I have heard on the news that peop... Read More »

Shall i join facebook?

I Think You Should Join. It's Better If Your Mates Are On Too.It Doesn't Matter If You Don't Use Your Computer A Lot You Will Still Have Your Account And Everything, But You Will Probably Will Go O... Read More »

How do you join chat on Facebook?

What? You're there too?? Send me your link.