How many miles is Taji, Iraq, from Baghdad, Iraq?

Answer Taji is 11 miles northwest of Baghdad, according to MapQuest. Several military establishments are in the area, including the Al Taji military airfield and Al Taji Camp, both located outside the tow... Read More »

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What is the logic with UK involvement with Libya - will this end same way as Iraq and Afghanistan?

Since the actions in Iraq and Afghanistan have not yet ended, it is logically impossible to answer whether the UK involvement with Libya can be compared to the outcomes in Iraq or Afghanistan. As f... Read More »

How many Iraq troops are in Iraq?

The Iraqi army is variously reported to number 197,000 or 238,000, all in Iraq.

What are some arguments for keeping US troops in Iraq and for the redeployment of US troops from Iraq?

AnswerMany of the religious extremists want the whole world to become Islamic and if we don't want it, they are willing to kill themselves in an effort to destroy any non-believers. That's us.If we... Read More »

What nations are in the US Foreign Policy with Iraq?