Why did this happen when I took L tryptophan?

Answer There have been in the past bad batches of it. I get mine from a manufacturer called Now and have had no problems with it. As it is an amino acid and it competes with others to be absorbed and us... Read More »

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I took Molly and Adderall last week, will I pass my drug test that I took this morning?

Both are amphetamines or are related to amphetamines and both generaly clear out of your system within a few days. Drinking lots of fluids will just dilute your sample and make it come back as flus... Read More »

Why did this happen when i showered ?

its very simple. you fainted. you most likely got out of bed too quickly not allowing your blood pressure to regulate. and you prob took too hot of a shower which also helped to make your blood pre... Read More »

Why did this happen when I woke up?

Sounds like a hynopompic hallucination. They can be scary or they can be interesting. I don't think they're very uncommon.

Why does this happen when I use my scanner?

sometimes you have an option of how the scanner saves the image. i dont know what kind of scanner you have or the software you use with it. play around with the settings and options before you sav... Read More »