Why did this happen ?

Answer That is really painful! Here in the States we call that a Charlie Horse and they REALLY hurt! You can even feel the pain afterwards, because the cramping was so bad. There are two things you can... Read More »

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Is this normal/ does this happen to anyone else?

I would encourage you to see an eye doctor.I use to stand up and have to stand there as everything went black and would slowly come back with my eyes hurting. I thought the same thing. I thought ... Read More »

What does this Facebook email mean and what will happen if I go through with this?

Just click this is okay and go to this link… and secure your account

Does this happen to you?

Yes.See what happens when you get that web page with wget (a very good utility) instead of your browser:C:\>wget => `index.html'Resolving moop... Read More »

Can this actually happen?

Defiantly not! Don't worry, it really is anchored to the back of your jaw. But not just that. its attached to the back of your jaw and halfway forward. Look in the mirror and open your mouth and ho... Read More »