Why did they take the chronic off of iTunes?

Answer Dre. Dre had settled a lawsuit concerning digital rights to his music with death row records. Idk why he didn't keep it on though.

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Can they take your condo that is paid off with no loan for not paying 7 months of your h.o.a payments in California if not how long before they can take the property?

Yes, probably.Your HOA assessments are used to pay basic bills for the community, such as master insurance policy premiums, basic utilities, staff payroll, and more, plus to save regularly to pay f... Read More »

How would you let someone know they have chronic bad breath without offending them?

Ask them if they want a poo sandwich

On iTunes my movies are twice as long, like they were 2 hours now, they are 4 hours?

Depends on where you downloaded the movies from and what apps you are using to play the movies.Some movies come in an extended version, which means they have "extra" things available to view and wo... Read More »

How much alcohol can a hbv+ person take i am 18 years old male from india and i have chronic hepatitis B?

Hepatitis B is a liver disease that results from infection with the Hepatitis B virus. It can range in severity from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to a serious, lifelong illness. Hepatitis B i... Read More »