Why Did They Start Area 51?

Answer Area 51 is a military reservation located about 85 miles northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada. The zone is off limits to civilians and its perimeter is guarded by a well-armed private security detail. Th... Read More »

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Why did they start nasa?

Yes. I am posting some links that may help you understand what went on.

When did they start building the hoover dam?

The construction of the Hoover Dam began on June 6, 1933 when workers poured the structure's first concrete. The building of the dam ended on May 29, 1935; according to the United States Bureau of ... Read More »

When did they start making mummies?

The Smithsonian Encyclopedia asserts that though Egyptian mummies from prehistoric times were accidental, civilization practiced intentional mummification from about 2600 B.C. during the Fourth and... Read More »

How old are hens before they start laying?

According to Storey's Guide to Raising Poultry, chickens begin laying somewhere between 16 and 22 weeks. You will need to increase the intensity and decrease amount of light to about 15 to 16 hours... Read More »