Why did they mummify bodies in ancient Egypt?

Answer Bodies were mummified in ancient Egypt because they believed that the dead person could use their bodies again in the afterlife. Only those who could afford the mummification process would be mummi... Read More »

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How long did it take to embalm or mummify a body in ancient Egypt?

The entire Egyptian mummification ritual took about 70 days. First, the Egyptians washed the body and removed the organs. Then they filled the body with stuffing and covered it in a natural salt to... Read More »

What Were the Tools to Mummify an Ancient Egyptian Mummy?

Mummification was the ancient Egyptian practice of embalming and preparing a body for the grave, from which it was believed the dead person would enter into an afterlife. Mummification was carried ... Read More »

Who was Moses in ancient Egypt?

Moses was an important Hebrew leader and prophet born in 1391 BC. He freed the Jews from enslavement in Egypt and led them to the holy land of Canaan. According to the Book of Exodus, God gave the ... Read More »

Who was Judiah in ancient Egypt?

There was no Judiah in ancient Egypt; there was a Judah. Judah was the son of Jacob and Leah, according to the Bible. His brother Joseph was sold into slavery in Egypt, where he later become a rule... Read More »