How do you deal with parents who are narcissist and they abandoned their son as an adult because that son no longer allows that type of behavior but they keep on telling lies to others about that son?

Answer Answer The simple solution is, you don't... just write them off and find your own life. You won't change them and if you continue to try to deal with them, help them, change them or in any way int... Read More »

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Why do vegans feel the need to tell everyone in the world that they come in contact with that they are vegan?

Some want to brag.Some want to "educate" you (see Renoosprey & Louise answers).Some want to pick a fight (see Jen D answer).Some simply want attention.Some want all of the above.Most do this becaus... Read More »

Do they still make planes that are called air force one or did they stop doing that?

Air Force 1 is the call-sign and designation of any aircraft carrying the President of the United States of America. This means that if the President moves from one aircraft to another then the des... Read More »

What new movies is called is coming out on ABC family that is about 2 mothers that they picked up the worng baby so they get to finally meet?

Does anyone remember a kids tv show during the 90s where they wore backpacks that shot cables that they could slide across?

a device like this was used by the astronaut Major Matt Mason. He was an action figure and had a trick backpack with a winch, as well as the obligatory oxygen supply tanks, etc. it gave the illusio... Read More »