Do new episodes of Fear Factor still air?

Answer No

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Fear Factor Party Invitation Ideas?

Based on the popular NBC reality show "Fear Factor," a party may include a marathon viewing of the show, or staging some of your own, safe "Fear Factor" styled events. Either way, let your potentia... Read More »

Game Ideas for a "Fear Factor" Party for Adults?

NBC's "Fear Factor" challenged contestants to complete physical, mental and extreme action stunts. Unlike the program, an adult "Fear Factor" party can include challenges that everyday people can a... Read More »

Vegetarians: If you were invited to be on a show like Fear Factor, would you do the following?

No to all of the above. 50 grand would come in handy, but even 50 million wouldn't be enough to get me to do those things.A bath full of leeches, besides being gross, would probably be enough to dr... Read More »

If you call about a lost foodstamp card and they cancel it, can they uncancel it if u find it?

Nooooo, you have to wait for the new card, sorry.