Why did the tv turn on by itself?

Answer A very logical reason for all those different issues is a poor system ground and a high level of electrical noise at your location. Does your phone plug in your wall outlet? I think it does. A TV t... Read More »

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Can a tv turn on by itself?

Your new house could have a power surging problem which could cause electronics to switch on and off by themselves. In the long run, power surging can fry your electronics.You can get surge protect... Read More »

Why does my TV turn itself off?

Perhaps your alter ego is doing it, Max!Just kidding! I had a brand new T.V, which in 8 months simply went off for good. I took it to where I had bought it and I was told, it had been a re-constru... Read More »

Can a hairdryer turn itself on?

My pc won't turn itself off!?

it happened with me also one time dont worry about itits software problemif it repeat itself all the time then reinstall ur windows