Why did the sugar act represent a major departure from previous British policy?

Answer cuba

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How does the Monroe Doctrine represent a change from previous US foreign policy?

The United States does not produce enough fruit to sustain its population. It must trade with other countries to get fruit (mostly China and Mexico). Another reason is that it is usually cheaper to... Read More »

To what extent des the war on terrorism represent a break from previous us foreign policy?

the United States will go to war if necessary in order to preserve the freedom of the seas and to protect neutral shipping from attacks.

If you recently moved to a new apartment in a new state and canceled your previous policy less than thirty days ago if something happens will the previous policy still cover damages?

No. Coverage stops the day set for cancel and is specific to residence. The damage would have to be at the residence on file within the cancellation duration.

How did us foreign policy between 1890 and 1919 change from previous policy directions?