Why did the mushroom cloud over Hiroshima look like a great big bran muffin?

Answer holy ! I never even thought of that!sadly .... I will have to re-examine my love for bran muffins now.

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Cocoa Puffs or Cheerios Bran Muffin or Corn Muffin Shrimps or Scallops?

Cheerios,Bran muffins my Mother would say scallops she loved them,I say,shrimps,yum! And Good night Scooter.

Bran muffin questions!!?

Jimmy Dean ain't got cr@p on a good ol' bran muffin!

I ate a bran muffin right after having sex, could I be pregnant?

If you get the farts later, that would be a definitive YES.

How many blondes does it take to eat one Bran Muffin?

if they are holding a screwdriver and hammer, probably forever cause they can't multitask