What Is a Monkey Pine Tree?

Answer Also known as the monkey-puzzle tree, Araucaria araucana is an unusual evergreen native to South America. Not a true pine, tt has an open, pyramidal habit and can grow to 150 feet tall in its nativ... Read More »

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Do monkey tree plants need much sunlight?

Monkey tree plants (Araucaria araucana) are native to South America but can be grown as houseplants in colder climates. The plant can take full sunlight, though it does best in filtered sunlight.So... Read More »

Why did Finny fall out of the tree?

What would cause avocados to prematurely fall from the tree?

There are a number of possible causes. * stress on the tree. Most commonly this is caused by over or under watering. * over-fertilizing with nitrogen during fruit set and early development. * la... Read More »

The Apple Doesn't fall too far from the Tree!!?

My Mom and I as SO alike, in looks, interests, traits - everything! I'm so excited to have found her after all this time and finally see the familial traits the non-adopted take for granted refle... Read More »