How many months does a German passport holder need on his passport to enter the US?

Answer Would imagine a min. of 6 months as with other EU passes. This would be what should remain on your passport when you leave The US though. I was in a similar situation and had enough time to get a n... Read More »

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How to Draw a Donkey?

The donkey, though small and impatient, is fun to draw and give expression to. Here are some tips on how you can draw a superb donkey in these simple steps.

Where did pin the tail on the donkey come from?

Pin the tail on the donkey was originally called Donkey Party when it was invented and patented by Charles Zimmerling in the 1880s. Selchow & Righter subsequently published the children's game in ... Read More »

How to Care for a Donkey?

A donkey trotting around his pen.Donkeys are special farm animals which always delight people from young children through to the very old, with their sweet faces, braying calls and gentle, intellig... Read More »

How do you photograph a donkey?

Depends on which end. (LOL) Seriously, you want to close down the aperture for an increased depth of field since the donkey being photographed is rather large and you want to keep all of it in focus.