Do you wash chicken before you cook it?

Answer On One Hand: Not Washing Chicken Before CookingAny bacteria in chicken will be cooked out if the chicken is prepared at the right temperature (at least 300 degrees Fahrenheit, until the chicken is ... Read More »

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Should you boil chicken before you barbecue it?

On One Hand: Salmonella Is a Rsk.Because undercooked chicken can give somebody a rather nasty strain of food poisoning called salmonella, it's important to make certain it's well-cooked. Boiling ch... Read More »

How to Soak Chicken in Salt Water Before Frying?

A common problem with homemade fried chicken is overcooking. The solution for creating succulent meat every time is brining. The process involves soaking the meat in a solution of salt and water, w... Read More »

How Long Should I Cool a Chicken Pie Casserole Before Refrigerating?

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SO what did come first .The chicken or the egg?