Why did the cat quit using the litter box?

Answer If your cat has suddenly stopped using the litter box, you may need to call on your inner detective to figure out why. While the reason is always obvious to the cat, it can be difficult for a human... Read More »

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Why do cats quit using their litter box?

A cat may refuse to use its litter box if something about the litter or the box's environment bothers it. A medical problem might also cause this behavior.Picking the Right SpotCats prefer a readil... Read More »

Quit dip, quit chew, quit skoal or quit Copenhagen?

chaw is the second most disgusting habit i know...just stop doing it .

What kind of cat litter can you use as a rabbit litter substitute?

On One Hand: Organic and Natural Cat LittersThe best cat litters to use for your rabbits are all natural or organic litters, such as those made from paper, citrus or alfalfa. Avoid litters made fro... Read More »

Can you quit an employer provided group health plan anytime or can you only quit during the open enrollment period?

AnswerYou can quit anytime. It's enrolling that's a problem.For more details Answeri know you can quit anytime but i think that you should whait at least... Read More »