Why did the United States cut off oil exports to Japan?

Answer Specifically, in response to the Japanese occupation of French Indochina (Vietnam). Japan had been waging war against a largely defenseless China since 1937, and previous diplomatic protests and em... Read More »

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Does the United States still pay for the attack on Japan?

This question makes an incorrect underlying assumption, namely that the United States began paying any sort of compensation to Japan for the atomic bombing. The United States at no time made any su... Read More »

Can a soldier in the united states marine corps switch to be a united states navy seal?

Yes but you might be deranked or up ranked depending were you where in the Marines.

Is a United States bachelor's degree accepted at a United Kingdom university?

Although the British refer to a bachelor's degree as a "first-degree" as opposed to an "undergraduate degree," they are considered to be equivalent in both countries. Therefore, a bachelor's degree... Read More »

Why is the emergency phone number in the united kingdom "999" and "911" in the united states?

It was implemented as a feature to prevent abuse of the service. In theory, hitting 999 accidentally is much easier than hitting 911.