Why did the US support the Chilean Coup against Allende in 1973?

Answer The 1970s were times of great change in South America, with peasants and workers organizing for what they thought was a better life, looking up to communism. This was a severe threat to American co... Read More »

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Who led the coup that killed Chilean President Salvador Allende in 1973?

The Commander-in-chief of the Army, Augusto Pinochet, led the coup d'état of 1973 in Chile. However, they didn't kill or capture Allende, he committed suicide before that.

Chilean president killed during Pinochet's 1973 coup?

Chile's President Salvador Allende died in September 11, 1973; but he wasn't killed, he committed suicide.

Who was chilean president allende?

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Chilean president assasinated 1973?

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