Why did the US feel it was necessary to stop Iraq's invasion into Kuwait?

Answer There were two major issues at play: 1) Kuwait, like all nations, is entitled to national sovereignty which Iraq rudely crushed by the might of its army. 3) Kuwait has a large quantity of oil and... Read More »

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How to Stop an Ant Invasion?

When the ants decide to move in on your home or office, keeping them out can be a daily chore. While there are many chemical ant repellents on the market, many home remedies work as well. Stop an a... Read More »

Why did the US feel it was necessary to form the CIA 1949?

The Bay of Pigs, (April 17-19, 1961), was an American operation intending to overthrow Castro and it planned to have the previous Prime Minister, Jose Miro Cardona, reinstalled. The CIA recruited ... Read More »

Do I stop taking my medicine It makes me feel bloated and I feel nausea.?

Hi,Absolutely right. Please follow your doctor's instructions. In case you have any inconvenience with the medicine, please do discuss that with him.For more natural remedies visit the link below ;... Read More »

Parent's who feel supervision at all times isn't necessary, whats your reasoning for that feeling?

I had constant supervision and my children will as well,( as long as they are children, theres no magic coming of age at 18, some are responsible enough sooner, some later.) ive always known this, ... Read More »