Why did the FBI have peoples UDID number and what can the hackers do with it?

Answer You obviously have no clue how easy it is with very little information, to steal your identity...How come the people that did it are so open? Why not be? There are literally millions of internet us... Read More »

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How to Obtain the Identifier Number (UDID) for an iPhone, iPod or iPad?

The identifier number, also known as the UDID, of an iPhone, iPod, or iPad is a unique number that identifies your device. If you are an Apple developer you will need this number to install any sof... Read More »

How to Install Beta Firmware With UDID?

Before every major firmware update of the iOS mobile platform, Apple will release beta versions to registered developers. These developers pay to be a part of Apple's developer program, allowing th... Read More »

Does the UDID have the iPhone name encoded into the ID?

Every iPhone has a unique UDID. So either your phone's UDID was leaked, or it wasn't. Unless that website isn't working right, your theory doesn't make sense.

What is udid faker for iphone?

No but you can lock you phone hope this helped.