Why did the AOL-Time Warner merger fail?

Answer In 2001, the AOL-Time Warner merger--then the largest-ever media company merger--was hailed as a triumph. But the agreement quickly took a turn for the worse. The merger resulted in lost revenue fo... Read More »

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How Does the Merger of AOL & Time Warner Cable Help the Consumer?

When AOL bought out media giant Time Warner, analysts like then Federal Communications Commission chairman William Kennard believed that the merger would ultimately benefit consumers by providing n... Read More »

Odd merger. Has anyone else heard about a merger of Denny's,?

I heard of this too!They were talking about on the radio.They couldn't find anything either.

Who owns AOL Time Warner?

AOL Time Warner is a publicly traded company on NYSE and is owned by its thousands of shareholders. It is run by its board of directors, and Jeffrey Bewkes is Chairman and CEO.Source:Time Warner We... Read More »

How do I get rid of Time Warner cable?

Call Time WarnerCall Time Warner at 866-855-5473 and follow the prompts. The operator asks you to push "1" if you have a Time Warner account. After pushing "1," you are asked to enter the telephone... Read More »