Why did some railroads run locomotives backwards?

Answer Some did it for visibility, such as the Cab-Foward types of locomotives, such as those used on the Southern Pacific. (The most of the Cab-Foward steam locomotives used on the SP were used for crew ... Read More »

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If the price of diesel continues to increase, will we see railroads return to coal-fired steam locomotives?

I really doubt it. That's like saying gas is too high...let's all go back to riding bikes. The fact is we're lazy.

U.S. Government and railroads.?

The United States is about to seriously regret having dismantled its railroad system. We once had the most efficient and capable railroad freight and passenger system in the world, but it was dest... Read More »

Do railroads hire people in their 20s?

Of course it is not true. Most of us that work on the railroad started in their 20s. I was 19, just out of high school when I started. My son just started on the RR and he is 27, several of the peo... Read More »

What are the four railroads on the Monopoly game?

The four railroads in the "Monopoly" board game consist of "B&O," "Pennsylvania," "Reading" and "Short Line." "Monopoly" is sold in 111 countries and available in 43 languages. According to Hasbro... Read More »