Why did some old houses have insurance on their walls?

Answer well i don't know the propper answer but some say it was so when peoples houses were burnt down you could go get it after the house was burnt (because the were made of metal) and the show it so you... Read More »

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How to Repair Plaster Walls in Old Houses?

Plaster walls consist of a puttylike mixture that is applied on top of thin wooden strips called lath. Once the putty dries, it forms a rock-hard surface that is fairly durable; however, plaster wa... Read More »

What insurance does a small budiness need for remodeling and building houses?

Contact an agent in your area, if they do not sell this type of coverage/policy they will be able to refer you an agent that does.

Does landlord insurance cover damages to inside walls?

yes it should - renters insurance has limited to zero building coverages - it would only cover betterment and improvements made to the building by the renter. All other building losses is covered b... Read More »

Why are older houses generally creepier than newer houses?

Good question.Here are my theories as to why older houses are scarier than newer houses:1) Considering that the house is older, the flooring isn't as stable, so it creaks when you walk. At night, w... Read More »