Why did she get a subsidized loan and not me?

Answer In the past, graduate students could be awarded subsidized loans, but the regulations have changed and that is no longer the case.

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What is better subsidized or unsubsidized loan?

Dance:I'm guessing that both loans appear on your financial aid offer letter - probably a subsidized loan of $3500, and an unsubsidized loan of $2000.That's not a "choose one" option, although you'... Read More »

Can you take out a federal subsidized loan before you got to college?

You can submit all your loan paperwork now, but the loan will go to the school and if you have any money left over after they take out your tuition, fees, dorms and meal that out of st... Read More »

What is the subsidized federal stafford loan?

Sometimes financial aid, scholarships and work-study programs are not enough to cover your college expenses. If you need help paying your college tuition, books or housing costs, you could be eligi... Read More »

Is this right Subsidized loan will not need repayment until 6 months after graduation?

so long as you continue going to school you won't have to pay it but if you drop out you will and I would recommend paying it (if able to or if it is small) before the 6 months to avoid interest ra... Read More »