Why did samsung stop making dlp led tv?

Answer I would like to know the answer to this, too. I think right now, it's impossible to find a 60" LED HDTV on the market.

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How can i make my husband stop snoring without making him stop breathing?

first try the nose strips.then send im to s a sleep specialist. some people have bad sleep apnea, and they have to wear a special mask.that will work for sure, but you have to go to a sleep doc.sle... Read More »

Why is your Samsung 3D TV making you dizzy?

If you are noticing a flicker it normally means that the batteries in the glasses need to be charged. Make sure they are charged at intervals and they will work just fine.

What are the best settings for making a 52 samsung ln t407 clearer?

Unfortunately this is dependent on your specific TV and room. Your best bet would be: 1. Hire someone to adjust your TV. You spent a lot of money, is it worth another $100 to get a great picture? ... Read More »

I'm am finally making the jump to HDTV! I was looking at this Samsung TV. Do you recommend it?

If you're willing to spend that much, go ahead. It's a nice tv. If I had the money I'd buy it.