Why did pioneers move on the Oregon Trail?

Answer From 1843 until the 1870s, the Oregon Trail served as the primary route to the American West. Over the course of 25 years, more than 500,000 settlers moved west on this path. The last recorded trip... Read More »

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What food did the pioneers take with them to the Oregon Trail?

Pioneers on the Oregon Trail took non-perishable food that could be carried in their covered wagons. Most pioneers took several hundred pounds of food, including dried beans, flour, cornmeal, rice,... Read More »

How deal the pioneers deal with illness on the Oregon trail?

Why did people move west using the oregon trail?

The gentle terrain of the Oregon Trail allowed for increased westward expansion in the 1840s that lasted for over 20 years. The Oregon Trail was recognized and deemed as a national historic park in... Read More »

Why did people move west on the Oregon Trail?

In 1843 a 25-year wave of migration began as pioneers set off along the Oregon Trail, the only feasible route for westward travel at the time. A number of factors motivated more than 500,000 pionee... Read More »