Why did people wear African masks?

Answer In Africa the wearing of masks holds both social and religious significance. Masks are worn for a variety of reasons from the time an African is a child until their death.MythSome masks were carved... Read More »

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Why do people wear African masks?

African masks are unique to each African tribe and have special meanings. They are highly sought out by art collectors. They can be worn in three ways: vertical on the face, as helmets and resting ... Read More »

Why do people wear tribal masks?

For centuries, tribal masks have played an important role in village life. From entertainment value to symbolic plays to voodoo rituals, elaborate masks remain central to many cultures.Around the W... Read More »

Why do people wear masks on halloween?

Halloween is a holiday known for celebrants donning costumes and asking for candy with the question, "Trick or Treat?". Oftentimes, trick or treaters don masks to top off their costumes, because o... Read More »

Why do people wear masks during Mardi Gras?

As New Orleans flamboyantly celebrates Mardi Gras every year, most Americans have seen Mardi Gras masks on TV or in photos. But not so many people know there's a historical reason why masks are wor... Read More »