Why did my period only lasted 3 days?

Answer i wouldn't worry about it :)

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If your period lasted only 3 days instead of the usual 5 days and a HPT shows negative 9 days before your next period could you still be pregnant?

Answer usually you don't take a pregnancy test nine days BEFORE your period. i would wait until at least a week after when your period is supposed to begin. if you have a short period, it means y... Read More »

You had your period two days early and only lasted three days Its now about five days later and you are having one sided cramps you are feeling very tired and have discharge. could i still be pregnant?

Answer Most women don't have an actual period during pregnancy but they can have implantation bleeding around the time there period would be due but it would be much lighter. The only way to know ... Read More »

If your period only lasted two days is it possible you are pregnant?

Answer It is possible although not likely. I would still recommend getting a HPT to make sure.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you got your period early and it only lasted for 2 days and you're feeling nauseous?

Answer It depends on how long your normal cycle is but since was short i would say yea