Which Y!A mommy are you most like?

Answer I think a lot of us are unique mamas.. who share similar desires and many times, different thoughts... As far as parenting... I think Pumpkinsmommy is one cool mama. We're both young and she seems ... Read More »

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What mommy do you see on here the most lol?

Lol, since I got more than 1 mention, does this mean I'm addicted?Thank you all for the compliments!Ive only just started started seeing you, perhaps you changed your pic and Ive noticed it? I dont... Read More »

What do you tell your mommy when?

ah, just let her know. she will probably want to have a talk to you about what you could expect, and to answer any questions. try to get her when she is alone, this way you have more privacy and ... Read More »

You know you're a mommy when...?

3. you smell baby throw up on your shirt and don't bother to change it. Why add to the pile of laundry.4. you leave baby home and go to the grocery store and decide to walk down each isle because ... Read More »

What kind of mommy are you?