Why did my modem/router's firewall suddenly prevent my internet connection entirely?

Answer It's possible your firewall was 'protecting' you from some 'port scanner' or 'DNS attack' .. although it seems more likley it just 'got upset' about something (i.e. some sort of 'bug' in the firew... Read More »

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Why does my internet connection suddenly disconnect...?

Could be a loose or damaged network cable, try a different network cable and see if it helps. Also if you have an older cable modem, it could be having problems. I had an older cable modem with the... Read More »

Suddenly lost internet connection?

Learn to act really surly and angry and memorize the phone number of your cable company - at least, this is what the rest of us do. If your internet goes out, call your internet provider and they ... Read More »

Can a virus prevent an Internet connection from being disabled?

No. A virus would not prevent your Internet connection from being disabled. A virus's purpose is to cause some kind of harm to your computer, and preventing your Internet connection from being disa... Read More »

Is a wired lan connection give you a faster internet connection than a wireless connection?

Hi:)A wired connection will often be a little faster. But really it's more to do with stability, a wired connection is more stable because WiFi can suffer from interference, specially if your rout... Read More »