Why did my legs start to itch like crazy the last 2 times I went walking?

Answer Could be either they are dry and irritated or you are allergic to something. Drink a lot of water, put some lotion on, see if it doesn't go away. If it doesn't, you might be allergic. Most likely... Read More »

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Why do my legs itch when i lay down?

Use fresh bed sheet and before slip wash your hand and leg properly and also you can use moisturizer it will helps on your problem

What are red dots on your legs that don't itch?

Answer If you have red bumps on your legs that do not itch it could be an ingrown hair. I get them alot on my legs or i get them right after shaving.It could also be a heat rash if you wear pants a... Read More »

How to Make Your Legs Not Itch After Shaving?

Itchy legs following a recent shaving can be frustrating and aggravating. Scratching at itchy legs after shaving may irritate your skin further and also cause dryness eventually over time. Using a ... Read More »

Serious as hell-vey: So my legs below the knee itch like a mofo. I have no rash or bumps, & I'd give anything?

I think you're allergic to those knee socks that come with school-girl costumes. You should try dressing up as a nurse, instead. 50 mg of benadryl will probably make it stop, but it might also make... Read More »