Why did my jammed finger turn black?

Answer Hurt if you touch it? If so blood blister.

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How to Help a Jammed Finger?

Athletes frequently jam their fingers. A jammed finger is one that has been sprained at the knuckle. Symptoms of a jammed finger include swelling (especially at the knuckle), numbness, pain and a ... Read More »

How to know if finger is broken or just jammed?

no its not... if it's broken then ur burning a fever, swelling & can't move it at sounds like it's just sprained or ''jammed'' as u like to say it! :)

Jammed/Fractured Finger?

Splint it and r.i.c.eRestIceCompressionElevation

I jammed my finger when is it going to heal?

Next YEAR naw I'm just playyin probraly in a week