Why did my glass baking dish shatter?

Answer glass baking dishes break when you take the hot dish out of the oven and set it on a cold surface like metal, tile, stone, etc. I've had one break on me and my grand mother broke 2 on the same day ... Read More »

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Are glass television stands likely to shatter?

I don't think it's likely if you use it as directed in the instructions. "Glass" (or more probably, some compound that is transparent, more durable, and treated to prevent injuries in the case of b... Read More »

What is the baking temperature of glass pans?

If you bake something in a glass pan when the recipe calls for a shiny metal pan, reduce the oven temperature by 25 degrees Fahrenheit. Glass absorbs heat, while shiny metal reflects heat, so foods... Read More »

Can glass baking pans be recycled?

Yes. The cracked on too, as when the recycling is tossed into the truck, much glass breaks, so obviously, you needn't worry about a less than perfect pan.

Are glass or aluminum pans better for baking pies?

Most professional bakers say that they prefer oven-proof glass pans for pies because they distribute the heat better. By using a glass pan, you can also see how the crust is browning. Glass is also... Read More »