Why did my doctor say this?

Answer Who knows what the doc was thinking? Punching an arm would not rule out or confirm a stroke. The recommended "tests" for checking for signs of stroke are: the "smile test" which checks for a ... Read More »

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Would you call this person a Naturopathic Doctor (ND) or a Medical Doctor (MD)?

Hi.Im not sure i quite follow your question but there are a lot more studies showing evidence regarding some herbs then what you might read from a couple of big media reports that say theres no evi... Read More »

Why does my doctor act this way?

Its certainly not that doctor's decision if you find another doctor or not. Its totally your decision and you don't need to ask him one single thing about it. Even if he didn't like caring for yo... Read More »

Should i go see a doctor for this?

Yes, u should go. Scoliosis is a curvature of the spine and can cause back pains. Just go and get it checked out b4 it gets worse.

Was this inappropriate behavior for a Doctor ?

Hard to judge. Certainly D.O.'s use manual manipulation and massage but in all such matters you should be guided by your instincts.