Why did my cat stop using his litter box?

Answer A cat may stop using or miss his litter box for many reasons. If a vet check reveals that the cat is healthy, the problem is behavioral. Even behavioral problems in cats can be treated.HealthHealth... Read More »

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Why does a cat stop using the litter box?

Cats are generally clean animals. You don't need to bathe them, and they are usually fastidious about their toilet habits. If your cat has started going outside its litter box, this is probably the... Read More »

Why Did My Cat Stop Using Her Litter Pan?

A cat that stops using her litter pan always has a reason. Reasons can range from medical to just plain preference. The problem usually can be resolved, but you might have to meet her demands to do... Read More »

How to Stop Cat Litter Boxes from Stinking?

It is terrible when people come over to your house, and they know you have a cat or kitten that they don't even see it. Litter box smell can ruin your social life.

What type of plant can I use to stop my neighbor's cats from using my flower beds as their litter box?

Felines DETEST citrus scents and products..a few orange peels and limes,lemons etcetera scattered about the area will prevent this or repel it to a calmer situation..also the peels are organic, no ... Read More »