Why did my bathroom paint peel?

Answer Painting your bathroom requires more knowledge and preparation than a typical living room or bedroom because of the moisture content of bathrooms. The problem of paint peeling from the surface is c... Read More »

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What is a good color that I can paint my bathroom, it is a guest bathroom and I have already done white and I?

periwinkle is really pretty and with white it looks very calming and almost like a spa... plus its easy to mix other colors like pink and yellow!

Why Does Paint Peel?

The primary cause of paint failure is almost always poor surface preparation. Most surfaces are not ideal candidates for paint adhesion and must be treated to accept paint. Thorough surface prepara... Read More »

How to Remove Orange Peel Paint?

Orange peel occurs when paint is applied over an area with oil on the surface. Something as small as a fingerprint can leave enough oil on the surface to show up as orange peel in a completed paint... Read More »

How to Get Rid of Orange Peel From Car Paint?

Orange peel in car paint is very annoying to say the least, preventing the true flat shine your paint has to offer, and is a very common situation with many new paint jobs. The cause for the orange... Read More »