Why did my Philodendron plant go all green?

Answer Because varigated type plants need either cooler or hotter weather to keep their light varigation. So give it a try.

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How should you care for a philodendron plant that has small dark sticky stuff on the stems leaves?

Answer wash all the leaves with a mild soap and some alchohol, repeat after a week and as nessecery

Why isn't my plant green?

how ur taking care of it, don't no if its rite or not, but every now and then add a little Epsom salts to it .

What does a green bean plant look like?

it has leaves and is green n stuff. beans come off it.

How many green peppers are on a plant?

There is no set number of green peppers to a plant. Pepper yield depends on the variety of pepper, where the plants are grown, weather conditions and soil quality. Some varieties of bell pepper pla... Read More »