Why did my AA batteries suddenly turned hot inside my bag?

Answer cell could have cracked and then it basically creates a short. So it is discharging as fast as it can which it too much for the casing it can explode. The energy drawn from the short turns to heat ... Read More »

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That's weird. I just turned my head and suddenly there were two french fries on my desk. Should I eat them?

Give them to me. I'll eat anything. Ask pregNatalie. I ate all her placentas.

My KODAK C513 does not turn on suddenly. I'm sure the batteries should have life still. Someone please help.?

Run through this.....troubleshooting...…No help?...I'd return it...

The TV remote has suddenly stopped working. Batteries have been changed so don't know what to do next. Help?

get your lazy @ss up and change the channel, this happens to me all the time

Roaches suddenly appearing inside my house?

They're slow because it's early spring and it's still cold. Once it warms up they'll be a lot more active.