Why did london theaters close in 1593?

Answer Theaters were the biggest form of entertainment in 16th-century London. For one pence, people were able to attend plays penned by writers such as William Shakespeare.ClosingIn 1593, the London thea... Read More »

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Why did drive-in theaters close down?

There are a few in our area in Southwestern Ontario, Canada, but not nearly as many as 20-30 years ago. We still go every now and again, and the line up to get in is always very long, and it is us... Read More »

What time does the london stock market close?

The London Stock Exchange closes at 4:30 GMT. The market, which runs Monday through Friday, opens at 8 a.m., except on the following holidays: New Year's Day, Easter, May Bank Holiday, Spring Bank ... Read More »

Who created the water thermometer in 1593?

The water thermometer was invented by Galileo Galilei in 1593. The thermometer works by filling a sealed tube with water and floating bubbles. Each bubble has a weight attached to it that rises at ... Read More »

What or which Houston nightclubs are close to the London nightclubs?

No Houston bar will be close to London England. Houston is in North America and London is in Europe.